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Forbes, Alan

Alan Forbes was born in Connecticut, and has spent the last few decades on the West Coast. A faithful San Francisco Giants fan, he currently resides in Echo Park, under the menacing shadow of Dodger Stadium. Forbes started his career in Hollywood, employed by Tower Records on Sunset Boulevard, where he was a notorious prankster. Following his tenure in the Tower Art department, he began a successful commercial Art career in the music industry. Early on, he developed the signature icon of The Black Crowes.

Since then, Forbes has become a household name among Rock poster collectors, other Artists, and musicians as his portfolio has grown to include over 400 visually explosive silk-screened Rock Posters. Many of these posters draw a hefty sum in the market. They are not only valued for the supercharged imagery, master craftsmanship, and low-numbered editions, but Forbes also has a knack of forecasting the Rock zeitgeist by working with bands before they are well known — bands such as Queens of the Stone Age, Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, and the White Stripes.

In between producing posters and commercial work, Forbes also found a following in gallery shows beginning with his first group show at La Luz de Jesus in 1991. Past shows have included what is seemingly an infinite procession of found sculptures, which Forbes has modified and charged with visual warps, iconography, and spiked with humor, sex and venom. Many of these pieces have been published in several books and publications, including the book Kustom Kulture and the periodical of alternative art Juxtapoz. His last showing of “What’s the Matter Now?” is his total transformation from three-dimensional artwork to oil and canvas. (from


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