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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:8 X 12
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Set of three individual 8" x 12" mini silkscreen posters- 4 colors plus some silver

Art for the Discriminating ConnoiSewer:
most poster collectors are guys and most posters are too big for the bathroom
for once a guy gets a girlfriend, the bathroom is usually the only room he can put his posters...
so these are smaller and fit in nicely to keep your toilet company
one is called "Asstronaut/ Rockin' Uranus"
the other is "Urine Trouble Now"
they are about 12" high, a little bigger than a regular handbill- they are mini-posters!

Big enough to make you feel special, small enough not to upset your partner too much (ruler not included)
signed and numbered "collecti-bowl" edition of 150 matching number, signed sets
because emek is always thinking about his fan's needs.

printed on 100ply toilet paper, for the real "dry mounter"

(in case of emergency, take off of wall and flush)
there is no "special edition" because
just like every time spent on the throne, each one is special...

peace out :) -EMEK
Sales History
Six Month Average$75.00
Average Price$61.14
Lowest Price$21.26
Highest Price$105.00
Original Price$30.00