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White Duck Screen Print
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Technique:Screen Print
Paper:270gsm Mohawk Superfine Eggshell
Size:18 X 24
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Black Dragon Press x Mondo 11 & 12
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Co-Published by Black Dragon Press and Mondo

"Where were you when the Pushkin phone rang in the war room? And where was your mom, 30 years ago? A lot of people say this film-poem makes no sense. A lot of people say that men shouldn’t spend years writing narratives about their mothers’ personal and civic histories when they’re actually just writing about themselves. Others say THE MIRROR is a cinematic achievement unlike any other from the great Russian filmmaker, Andrei Tarkovsky. The first time I watched THE MIRROR, I was 24 and I was minding the fancy store under my apartment for some extra money. I didn’t dress right for it. Svetka paid women in New Jersey a fair wage to make these beautiful, washed linen garments that my friends and I will wear when we finally finish the business plan for our cult. She had two kids and great taste, and rules about what alcohol you were supposed to drink in winter. She came to me and asked if I thought she should repaint the floors. She wanted to paint them like the ones in that Tarkovsky movie, THE MIRROR. She wanted them black and heavily shellacked and resinous so they would reflect everything like the surface of a lake. Then she made me watch this film on YouTube and I liked it. She never had me repaint the floors, though. Too much work. Our Polish landlord never would have let her, anyway." --Wesley Allsbrook
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