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1st Edition

Garro, Mark More info
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Class:Original Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Size:36 X 62
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Copro Gallery presents Mark Garro's "Apocalypservice"
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Oil on board

"Once upon a time amongst great turmoil and oppression from the powers that be, a great savior prince descended from the majesty of the ancient
Pyrenees. It is said he fought the golden-eyed serpent that protected the underworld and was feared would someday join forces with the “Juicer”,
who crushes celestial bodies for their magma. Shortly thereafter, the world lapsed into a period of great decline where commercialism and lobbyists reigned
supreme. Attempts were made to demonize this new seer, even adopting a similar look and manner of speaking in order to manipulate the perceptions of the
masses. In time the deception was revealed. Up from the ashes of the blue flame, dreams become truth and truth emanates from dreams. His vision,
adopted from the great masters who had already experienced time travel and multi-dimensional existence, would lead the creative presence in a new world.
During a time when soulless existence and the computer revolution dominated man, and when false intelligence would ultimately lead again to a landslide into the
next dark ages, this seer will lead mankind into the next Renaissance. With a persistence of memory and a recollection of things that have not happened yet,
we choose a tight rope to walk on and move forward in time only to fall back on our past.
The wrong rope was chosen..........."
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