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Joslin, Jennifer More info
Pen & Screen Printing Co., Portland, OR
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:100lb Classic Crest Env. Cover
Size:14 X 18
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Regular Edition

Screenprint, limited edition of 50, 14″ x 18″.

So goes one of the most memorable lines from the classic film “Jurassic Park”. It is a quote that has stuck with me throughout my life because of its total, simple accuracy: Life does find a way, in some form or another, to persist and has done so for billions of years. Billions of years surviving climate change, droughts, volcanic eruptions, plate shifts, disease, meteor strikes, and mass extinctions. Over the achingly slow discourse of time carbon-based life evolved and reproduced an infinitesimal amount of times, and eventually it lead to you and me.

The notion that “life finds a way” is perhaps more important to think about at this point in time than any other in history because of the rapid decline of the natural world as a result of human activity and the misconception that man has control of this world’s physical properties. Spoiler: we don’t. We are careening blindly into the Anthropocene, an era defined by humanity that will likely be destroyed by humanity–a self-destructive feat no other species has accomplished during life’s tenure on earth. Despite the damage, the loss of species, and the worsening droughts, life really will find a way, just as it always has. The only difference is that life on this planet probably won’t always consist of humanity. But as long as life can thrive here, it will.

And who knows–maybe one of these days we’ll find a way to keep dinosaurs happy and healthy living among us once again. We just might want to leave out the velociraptors.

“Living Fossils” was originally drawn with archival ink on smooth vellum bristol. Hand-printed with high quality water based solvent ink on acid-free, archival 100lb Classic Crest Environment® cover paper by Matthew Mirpourian of Pen & Screen Printing Co., Portland, Oregon. 2015. Classic Crest paper is FSC® Certified, Green Seal Certified®, and chlorine-free. The paper is made of over 30% post consumer recycled content and certified fiber. Original piece in the collection of Dave A. B. Original piece in the collection of Dave A. B.

All prints are numbered and signed by the artist.
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Original Price$40.00