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1st Edition

Smith, Nick More info
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Class:Art Print
Paper:310 Somerset Satin photo rag
Size:21.26 X 31.102
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Mona Lisa 2015
Edition of 99
79x54 cm
Signed, numbered and embossed.
Giclee print on 310 Somerset Satin photo rag with screen printed gloss varnish over colour blocks
...Every colour block has been individually named with an associated word making for some interesting close up reading


It’s almost like deconstructing a painting; you get to see the ingredients, which are the colours that were used. I find it surprising sometimes when analysing the colours that are present and their subtly. On my print version of the Mona Lisa the bottom of the artwork has really dark colours and you find yourself racking your brains for the right word to put in. The first 50 black colours are easy; you’ve got word like ‘tuxedo’, ‘mafia’, ‘demon’, ‘corruption’ and things like that. Then you find there’ll be a pattern or narrative at the bottom of a painting, it’ll actually be evil with really dark associations. As it goes up through the painting, at the top in the landscape it’s green with natural tones and that pertains to nicer words like ‘forest’, ‘pesto’ or ‘Robin Hood’ and more natural things. I find myself standing back and making a block assumption that a grouping of one colour will evoke one particular feeling or message. So the bottom of the Mona Lisa is evil and the top is all about recycling and wheelie bins.
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