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1st Edition

Joslin, Jennifer More info
Pen & Screen Printing Co., Portland, OR
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Status:Fan Art
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:100lb Cougar cover paper
Size:11 X 14
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Screenprint, limited edition of 40,11"x14"

Two ravens spotted resting together in a dogwood tree. Corvus and Cordus, the hardy bird and the flowering tree complimentary even in their assigned genus names. Birds of a feather flock together, so the saying goes. That seems to hold true even when the landscape is barren, the dust is swarming, and water scarce...these two will band together to survive and adapt in a rotten environment that was damaged through no fault of their own. Among the ruins they make their new home.

"Ravenwood" was originally drawn with archival ink on smooth vellum bristol. Hand-printed with high quality water based solvent ink on acid-free, archival 100lb Cougar cover paper by Matthew Mirpourian of Pen & Screen Printing Co., Portland, Oregon. 2014.

All prints are numbered and signed by the artist and come with their own unique Certificate of Authenticity.

Copyright 2014-Jennifer Joslin/Specimen Illustrations. All rights reserved.
Sales History
Original Price$20.00