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Art Truancy: Celebrating 20 Years of Juxtapoz Magazine
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Time release on 11/15/14

The print image is 56cm x 56cm (paper size 61cm x 64cm).
It is US$187 (approx. based on today's exchange rate) or AUS$215. This price includes packing and postage.
NEW YORK, NY (April 9, 2014) — Jonathan LeVine Gallery is pleased to present Art Truancy, a group exhibition celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Juxtapoz Magazine. The exhibition will take place in both locations of Jonathan LeVine Gallery (557C W 23rd Street and 529 W 20th Street) in Chelsea, and will feature works by over forty artists.
"Juxtapoz has played an instrumental role in the development of the genre of work our gallery exhibits, contextualizing it within the spectrum of Contemporary Art. It gave a voice to the artists involved early on and continues to build upon that foundation, integrating the talent of new generations. The collective rise in popularity of this entire community has since achieved a level that not only infiltrates the more established and insular art market but also far surpasses it in fan following and recognition. I'm very proud to present this exhibition which celebrates and highlights some of the key players who have contributed to these past 20 years of Juxtapoz, and what is certain to be a lasting legacy." — Jonathan LeVine
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