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Stout, Tyler More info
meddy spaghettl
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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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5 color screenprint on white paper.

"...Kukuweaq 3 print. it's actually part of this trilogy. the middle one i did for a book for fantagraphics like 7 years ago. then i turned that into a print. then i did Kukuweaq 2 for the sequel to that book. and turned that into a print. people had been asking over the years (2 people), so i figured i'd do a third one.

Now here's where it gets interesting. this particular print (Kukuweaq 3) - i was a bit hasty when sending it off to my printer. didn't double check my file, didn't nail down the red completely...a number of factors i am completely to blame for. and when i got it back, it looked great, but it didn't match the other two kuk posters. the red was a bit different, the blue i had completely screwed up by not having a fountain blend like in previous years. basically it was 100% my fault, but i had to reprint it, since i assume one or two people will compare it to previous kuks. the original Kuk3 printing had glow in the dark yellow. the new revised print has a fountain blend at the bottom instead. just for fun, i'm mixing in 10 copies of the old glow version (which looks like this) with orders. so you may get one of those. BUT, if you have previous kuks, you probably don't want this glow version, since it won't match, so drop me an email if you don't want that glow version. confusing, i know. basically, 10 copies will glow in the dark, but the red will be a bit off from Kuk1 and Kuk2. they will also have a red stamp on the back instead of a green stamp. or was it vice versa? theres something different between them.

Edition wise, due to having to junk an entire first printing, i needed to make that up a bit, so the edition is 205. if that's too big for you i understand, previous kuks were like editions of 50 and 65. please check your tube carefully, supposedly these will have something extra included."
- Tyler Stout
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Six Month Average$58.14
Average Price$75.69
Lowest Price$39.95
Highest Price$125.00
Original Price$45.00