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1st Edition

Keyes, Josh More info
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Class:Original Art
Paper:Acrylic on birch panel
Size:12 X 9
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The Far Side of the World

Old Ones

The variety of animals and odd creatures I have created over the years began to ask where do we come from, what is our story? The endeavor of creating and exploring an inner world began to take shape in the pages of my sketchbook a few years ago, and what began as simple sketches has led to a vast imaginary landscape and epic narrative that unfolds into many directions.

The Old Ones is the first installment in The Far Side of the World. This is a brief introduction to a few of the animals and beings that inhabit this world. Many have remained dormant in the land and forests and suddenly woke up or have come out of hiding. It may have been the gradual silencing of the human world or the change in the Earth’s climate that roused them from their deep slumber. One thing is clear, the world has changed…
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Original Price$3,500.00