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1st Edition

Stout, Tyler More info
DWRI Letterpress
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Class:Art Print
Paper:archival printmaking paper
Size:13 X 19
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From the artist, Tyler Stout: "Space Age to infinity...but not beyond Thanksgiving

i was recently able to work with tiny showcase on creating a letterpressed lunar calendar for 2014, and here is the result. the theme, obviously, is pencils. no that's not right. its space. the space beyond the space, as they say.

its going to be 13x19", a five color letterpress, which let me tell you, is pretty doggone big for a letterpress. it will be printed by Dan of DWRI Letterpress - who coincedentally enough printed my last tiny showcase print. and that one was only 7x9". and this one is 13x19"? crazy.

if you're interested, here is more info, including how to pick one up. this print will only be available at tiny showcase, i won't have any copies for sale ever.

five colors, PLUS the moons glow in the dark. just the moons. "how much do i have to pay for the extra moon glowing feature?" nothing, absolutely nothing. well, technically $30, the print costs $30 but they all glow.

right now its just a presale, which will actually end up deciding the edition. could land at 200, could land at 2000, but probably somewhere between there? i have no idea. perfect for all you werewolves who kinda have to plan ahead, plus a great addition for the family room in general.

"but its only good for one year, right?" hey, its good for forever, but its only 'technically' correct for the year of 2014. but i'm sure 2015 will have some Full Moons as well, so it'll definitely still be relevant. just in a more abstract sense. i still have posters on my wall for old movie screenings and old concerts, so this is like that. in a way.

plus you get a free custom made pencil. i probably won't even get any of those. preeeeetty cool."

From Tiny Showcase: "A five-color 13" by 19" letterpress print on archival printmaking paper. Features glow-in-the-dark moons.

Tyler Stout's 2014 lunar calendar represents all 365 moons for the year 2014. It is accurate to within a day for all of the Northern Hemisphere. If you live on or below the equator it will look exquisite in your reading room but the lunar phases will be reversed.

Tiny Showcase is now accepting preorders for "Space Aged to Infinity : A 2014 Lunar Calendar." Designed by Tyler Stout and letterpress printed in Providence by the renowned DWRI Letterpress, the five-color glow-in-the-dark print measures 13" by 19". Each print will be numbered and ship with a certificate of authenticity."
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