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Class:Original Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Size:36 X 48
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Copro Gallery presents Adam Miller's "Among the Ruins"
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Oil on canvasThe original painting was exhibited in three shows:
November 2012, Copro Gallery, Adam Miller solo show "Among The Ruins", Los Angeles, CA
January 2013, National Arts Club, "Nocturne" group show, New York City, NY
July 2013, Vered Gallery, "Art on the Edge" group show, East Hampton, NY

About the painting:

"Glazed and developed in the techniques of The Venetian Masters. "A Gentle Breeze" is part of the series I did in 2011 titled 'Among the Ruins'. It is about rebirth and regeneration from destruction. I am very inspired by the idea of mythology as personification of the cycles of nature and the inspiration for most of our art and stories. In this piece the child represents new creative life while the desolate setting reflects the end of the old cycle of life.

"I did this back in 2011 and it took me about 2 months. I painted it in many layers of oil on linen and slowly brought the image to completion.

"The combination of classical painting and references to historical art and architecture transformed through the inclusion of popular contemporary stories of war and the environment (is what makes the piece unique). It represents the most concise statement of my series “Among the Ruins.” I think this piece showed the cycle of life and death more clearly and fully than any other pieces I made for the show."
- Adam Miller
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