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Size:12 X 24
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Excerpt from Slashfilm's Interview with Dave Perillo:

/Film: The world of The Simpsons is so vast and expansive. Was Dancing Homer your first choice and what is it about the episode that sticks with you?

Dave Perillo: Had to do Homer J. Simpson first, he’s the patriarch of the family and really the most important character of the series. I thought it would be great to represent him as one of his most memorable personas, “Dancin’ Homer”. It was one of the best episodes of “The Simpsons” and really showed the epic success/fame to the ultimate flop of Homer which ends up being a recurring theme throughout the series.

/Film: You have a distinct style and so do The Simpsons. How did you go about balancing that? Making it recognizably both a Simpsons and Perillo piece?

Dave Perillo: I really wanted to preserve the look of “The Simpsons” so I think that really shines across more than my typical style. My color palette and idea of doing it as a kinda retro advertisment for Dancin’ Homer helps add my flair to it."
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