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Edition Details
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:white stock
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Paramount Theater - Huntington, NY
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Jermaine was commissioned by the legendary band Primus to create a print for their recent appearance in New York. Coordinated by the amazing artist (and close associate of the band) Zoltron, Jermaine was given complete creative control by the band. What resulted was a tribute to two very influential artists whom, sadly, we tragically just lost.

Here's what Jermaine had to say:

'So recently, 2 people who were artistically very influential to how i think and what i 'see', passed away from this physical plane...

I will never forget, after reading one of my favorite books for the 10,000th time, lying in my bed at night as a kid and closing my eyes tight and hoping that, when i opened them, there'd be a jungle growing in my room.
I also will never remember the first time i flipped on the radio and heard a guy whose name was MCA...and he said he had a license to kill.

2 champions of 'freedom'...for the inner world and the outer world. Eternal energy on the march! .
I hope you all enjoy how I expressed myself.'

This print measures approx. 24x18 inches and is part of a limited regular edition of only 200 signed and numbered prints on white gallery stock: 50 of the prints went to the band and their families, and 100 were available at the show, where they promptly sold out. was allotted a total of 50 of the regular edition prints, from an edition of 200.

The FOIL EDITION is printed on holographic sparkle foil stock and is part of an edition of only 40 pieces.

The ARTIST'S EDITION is exclusively available from and is part of an edition of only 50 pieces. It is printed on French 'Blue Raspberry' gallery stock, creating a wonderful interaction between the cool green ink of the images background and the color of the stock.

Pressing Information
Measuring approx. 18x24 inches.
5-color screen print from a signed and numbered edition of 200 on white stock
Sales History
Six Month Average$212.50
Average Price$120.73
Lowest Price$62.09
Highest Price$275.00