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Most Wanted FBDO:

Spusta Super Gold FBDO #'s 1, 9, 86
Spusta Blue Sky FBDO #'s 1, 9, 86
Ian Glaubinger "Faking Out Parents"
Cuyler Smith "Cut Short" series (Ferris, Cameron, Sloane)
Kevin Tong "2011: Ferris Bueller's Odyssey"
100% Soft "Ferris Bueller Float/Parade"

Most Wanted Other:

Trip The Light Too (2nd Edition)/James Eads
Pre (Steve Prefontaine)/Jeff Boyes
I'm Sailing (What About Bob)/Nick Comparone
Something Extraordinary (The Prestige)/Alice Zhang
One Small Step/Martin Whatson
I Stood In The Blue Darkness (Reg Edition)/Chuck Sperry
Scrooge (Variant)/DKNG


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