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Hello there & thank you for taking a moment to visit my page.

- I care for my prints with extreme prejudice. The ones not framed are kept in my flat file, between glassine, and in some cases mylar bags. If there are any imperfections I will notify you and I ask you to do the same.

- My main ISOs, save for a few, will usually be that of the artwork of Tyler Stout. He is my favorite artist and I am always open to talk shop regarding T's work...even if I don't have it listed, it might be worth a shot. Movie prints, Gig prints, handbills, patches, stickers, LPs...whatever. If T has done it, I am interested. I identify the closest with his art and it makes it that much easier when he is such a genuine, incredible & kind person IRL. He's one of a kind and is the reason that I returned to this hobby..him and people like him. Should you have any of his work tucked away, no matter how minor, I would very much like to hear of it.

-My collection is held private but is willing to share the code should talks progress require it. I treat others as I abide by three principles: HONESTY. TRANSPARENCY & ABSOLUTE DISCRETION. I do not lie/play games and whatever is discussed with me here, email of FB will remain with me there and never leave lips or fingertips. I am a human vault. A man has to have a code and I live by mine with complete sincerity. I only ask that this attitude is returned.

_-Lastly..I am open-minded, fair and do my best to make people happy with the outcome of every transaction I undertake. I have a special spot for newcomers and will do everything I can to help; from advice/direction to help with tracking, selling or trading. This goes for anyone, regardless of experience, just bring a positive attitude and some fire in your belly concerning limited paper and more often then not, we can work some magic. My name and my rep are all I have in this hobby and I do my very best to make both shine.Two things I ask for in return; 1. Don't let me down because when I take up a case, I'm on it 'till the end of the line and 2. is to aid in helping me build my TStout collection. That's it. I'm easy.

Thanks for taking the time to read a bit about me & I hope to hear from you in the near-future. Cheers & welcome to The Bean.



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