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I already own many works in my “Wanted” list so please see below for current ISOs.

At the moment, I am in search of the following:

- Esao: Monsoon, Girl Still Life & any of the small OG paintings and drawings on my Wanted list.

- Miles Johnston: OGs

- Welker: Jack & the Fish; Brooklyn Bridge, Rivertown

- Randy Ortiz: Vacation; January 8, 2017; February 21, 2017; Her Visage Sullied with Iniquity (print or OG); other OGs.

- Aron Wiesenfeld: Tunnel; Drain Pipe; The Return

- Travis Louie: Mr Stephenson & the Bug

- Fairey: Afrocentric (Black)

I have some trades available but will also pay good prices for top ISOs. Please feel free to message me if you have any prints or OGs that you think I might be interested in.



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