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1st Edition

Faerber, Logan More info
Delicious Design
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Technique:Screen Print
Size:24 X 18
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Publisher: Mondo

"The first time I saw the intro to SHAUN OF THE DEAD I was in love. A cheeky zombie movie that captured style, gore and perfectly cued music - sign me up! I had no idea who Edgar Wright or any of the cast was, but they had made a new fan who would seek out each and every thing they were involved in. With each following movie they continued to capture what I loved about SHAUN OF THE DEAD while exploring new filming techniques and character types. Reflecting back on the movies, they may very well be my favorite trilogy to date. They've grown with me, and each movie in the series seems to have been a bit more mature than the last, both in quality and subject, capturing me just at the right time in my own life. I will always love SHAUN OF THE DEAD since there is so much nostalgia tied to it, but I love each movie so much, it's hard to choose a favorite.

That's why I tackled all three with a similar style, so if you're like me and want to hang all of them proudly alongside one another, they'll fit together wonderfully. As part of my process I also wanted to create a unique look and feel for the trilogy that hasn't been seen before. I personally love seeing an artist's rendition of something I already love rather than another replication, so I chose a unique palette for the series and character design that's a bit more playful since the subjects of each film are always lighthearted and whimsical.

I for one can't wait for this team to make another movie, but in the meantime let's pop that popcorn and laugh along with a delightful team that gave us something so special." -Logan Faerber
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