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Technique:Screen Print
Size:24 X 36
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Publisher: Mondo

"2001 is a tricky film to go for, not because it lacks for visual cues to generate work from, but because it has so many of them. My usual approach to these tentpole films is to try and come at it from an angle we’ve not really seen before, to do something new with something so established into our culture as to be as close to gospel as we’ll ever make.

The point and purpose - after a number of sketches - was to settle on what would essentially be a character study of the Star Child himself, and to depict him in a way that speaks to his personhood and his relationship with the HAL 9000. The other side of the apes that are so tempting to exploit and express. What really struck me in studying this film for the first time in years was how epically rich and captivating it is as a film. How much it holds true and remains so relevant even by today’s cinematic standards. If it’s at all possible to do so, I think I enjoyed it more in this 10th or so viewing than I ever have before. It’s a tremendous expression of art on so many levels." - Greg Ruth
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