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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:Coventry Rag
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Art Unleashed: Rock Art for a Cause
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"Scar Tissue is one of those songs that I had on repeat as a teenager. There's a lot of nostalgia built into this song for me, I remember the music video playing on MTV and it really capturing that California desert vibe to perfection. With this piece I wanted to pay homage to the music video setting of Joshua Tree, which has become one of my favorite places in Southern California. The main hook of the song "with the birds I share this lonely view" was the driving inspiration for this piece. There is something comforting about the isolation of driving through the desert - you can see the raw beauty of the sunsetting for miles and miles. "I decided on NAMI for my charity because there are a lot of people I have loved that have struggled and still struggle with mental illness and NAMI has been a great foundation for providing education and support on mental illness." -- James R. Eads
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Original Price$75.00