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Louie, Travis More info
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Size:8 X 10
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"In 1895 it was not uncommon for storms containing fish or amphibians like frogs, newts and toads to fall from the sky like hail stones. During one of those torrential downpours, a large toad smashed through Oscar Pennington's house and held him hostage in his kitchen for several hours. Most people would not be threatened by a toad, but this particular toad was enormous. It was the size of a small pig and had the temperament of a hornet. The toad made itself a home in the study of the house. Oscar decided to keep the toad and call it Ted. Ted had a very special talent. His presence compelled people to speak the truth. Oscar, who was not very trusting of people, began to carry Ted around on his head so that no one would be able to lie to him. Unfortunately, the truth was too much for Oscar and he was often full of remorse. He eventually let the load loose and never told a lie again."
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