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1st Edition

Fairey, Shepard More info
Obey Giant
Edition Details
Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Paper:Cream Speckletone
Size:18 X 24
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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Library Street Collective presents Shepard Fairey's "Damaged"
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"The Wrong Path print is a recognition of the challenges anyone championing environmental responsibility face as well as a comment on the potentially disastrous consequences of the shortsighted policies of Trump’s current administration. The president pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord and appointed Scott Pruitt as head of the Environmental Protection Agency when he had a record of opposing environmental regulation and suing the EPA! We need to consider the consequences of transferring the baggage of irresponsible environmental policies to future generations. Proceeds from this print will go to NRDC to help aid their efforts to improve environmental policies. Thanks for caring." – Shepard

A portion of the proceeds with benefit NRDC.

Some prints were sold at the artist's “Damaged” art show in Los Angeles on November 11, 2017 for $45 each.

Remaining prints were to be sold in the artist's web store on December 5, 2017 for $55 each, but were accidentally released early. ObeyGiant web store: "SOLD OUT due to early release. We apologize for the error. If there are any double orders or cancellations these orders will be refunded and made available on the site immediately."
Sales History
Original Price$45.00