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Size:14 X 11
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The Bride of Frankenstein
(Universal, 1935)
Lobby Card (11" X 14")

James Whale's sequel to his 1931 masterpiece Frankenstein quickly became a classic in its own right, surpassing the original in many ways. Boris Karloff and Colin Clive return as the monster and his maker, and Ernest Thesiger is pure genius as the mad Dr. Pretorius. Frankenstein is torn between his new bride Elizabeth (Valerie Hobson) and his desire to continue his gruesome experiments with Pretorius. When Frankenstein is blackmailed into creating another monster, The Bride is born, played beautifully by Elsa Lanchester who also stars in a dual role as the narrator Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The superb makeup by Jack Pierce, gothic sets, and powerful performances by the stars, make this a flawless masterpiece. And evidenced by recent Heritage auctions, this is one of the top titles for movie poster connoisseurs. Rare indeed is all paper for this picture and especially so with lobby cards featuring the monster in close-up. This card has pinholes in the borders, a few light scratches in the image, two small surface abrasions, a few faint stains, a minor pen mark in the bottom border, and a faint horizontal crease. With its remarkable color and unique border art, and portrait of Karloff, this is one highly desirable item for all Universal horror fans.
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