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Class:Art Print
Technique:Screen Print
Size:44 X 11
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i was asked to make a print for the upcoming G1988:LA show “The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show)”. being a born and raised Massachusettsian, it was actually legally required that i both involve the red sox in every part of my daily being, and hate the yankees with a hatred normally reserved for nazis. so i obliged.
but regardless of your opinions of this team vs that team and this stat vs that stat (i really dont care.), fenway is a beautiful place and host to a beautiful game. some modern additions but with its original bones. i never feel like im at an amusement park when im there like some other ballparks, i feel like im in some living breathing museum that feeds me hot dogs and has sing-alongs. i was there for 4 home runs in a row, i sat in the stands for 3 hours in a storm and watched lightning over the city, ive sat a few rows behind home plate at the world series, ive laid in the outfield grass, snuck into closed sections of the park, was there for schillings return, was there to hear the game long boo’s of damons return, ive waited in line for 9 hours for tickets just eating free ice cream and dunkin donuts, had my name on the score board, had my fathers name on the scoreboard, etc etc etc etc. i have nothing but great memories of that place.

…so anyways. i drew fenway. it took me 2 weeks. it probably should have only taken a week, but im still feeling particularly under the weather this past month, so it was a bit of a struggle, as is staying awake and not launching my lungs out of my body. if all goes as planned, there will be two versions. Gallery 1988 will have 100 diptych sets, each side approx 11×22; image size for their opening, and i will have the full image printed as a 11×44; wide single image in a larger edition. so, decide which one meets your wall needs or framing budget, and go at it.

From Gallery 1988 show - The Greatest Moments In Sports History (A Poster Show).

100 diptychs will be released by Gallery 1988.

Uncut 11" x 44" editions will be sold at
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Six Month Average$125.00
Average Price$112.28
Lowest Price$48.00
Highest Price$285.00
Original Price$100.00