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Pardee, Alex More info
Zero Friends
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Class:Art Print
Paper:Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag
Size:16 X 20
Markings:Signed & Numbered
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This was originally created for Alex's art show "SELF PORTRAITS OF OTHER PEOPLE THAT I DREW ALL BY MYSELF PRETTY MUCH"
At the Upper Playground gallery Fifty24PDX in Portland
Here is the story from Alex about the image:

I don't grocery shop often, but for some reason, every time I go to the store by my studio, there is a man lingering in the pastry department. He always has one or 2 items in his cart, but never more. I always notice this guy, not because he blankly stares at various areas in his eye-line, but because I'm pretty sure he has cyanosis, which my aunt had for years before she got hit by the car. Anyway, for weeks I would casually just notice him and move on. But one day, I saw him do something strange. He reached over the counter when the clerk looked away and he grabbed a star-shaped cookie, palmed it in his hand and gently shoved it down the front of his pants as his eyes rolled back in his bluish head. I made a note to never get the star-cookies and moved on. But then I saw him do this every time. And the more I became mesmerized by his actions, I began to pay attention to more details. He wore hideous shooting star earrings, and the items in his cart were always "star-related": star-shaped pasta noodles, Rockstar energy drinks, starch, Star Magazine, etc. It wasn't hard to interpret his obsession as some kind of sexual hang-up, seeing as how he pretty much fucked those cookies on the spot. He was fascinating to me, both because he seemed to be so sly about this obsession, and because I often pictured how he would react to the giant alien starfish that I have been hiding from the government since last year. Maybe I'll show it to him someday when I feel like my karma needs a boost. But then again, I'm not too sure how I feel about alien rape, unless of course I can put the footage online.
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